Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Blog: "Short Cuts"

Hello to all my fanatical readers,
First of all, I promise that this'll be the last blog I create - you'd think I had nothing better to do with my time! Short Cuts, which was unveiled just yesterday, is an online tribute to the art of the short film. Though typically dismissed as an inferior medium of artistic expression, I wholeheartedly believe that short-subject cinema has just as much capacity for brilliance as its more long-winded cousins.

This new blog allows a portal through which I can advertise the best that short films have to offer, through reviews that are, I hope, concise and enjoyable to read (though, if a certain title strikes my fancy, I wouldn't be averse to exploring its virtues in greater detail). The venture was inspired by the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? top 250 listing of short films - entitled Brief Encounters - which is apparently due for official release soon, though I managed to scrounge a preliminary list from sources that shall remain anonymous. In order to allow greater freedom with my blog, I won't be basing my viewing choices on the list, but will instead utilise it only as a loose guide.

In short, please head over to the new blog and peruse at your leisure.


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J Luis Rivera said...

Interesting, I know how much you love short films. Nice to see a space where they can shine :)